Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Director: Claire Moreau


- Juliette Moreau: Emma Watson

- Lucien Dupont: Pierre Niney

- Isabella Ricci: Monica Bellucci

- Armand Leroy: Vincent Cassel

- Claire Moreau: Léa Seydoux

- Jean-Claude Durand: Omar Sy


"Under Paris" is an atmospheric and gripping thriller set in the enigmatic and labyrinthine catacombs beneath the city of Paris. The film weaves a tale of mystery, suspense, and unexpected connections, with a backdrop of historical intrigue and urban legends.

Plot Summary:

The story begins with Juliette Moreau (Emma Watson), a young and ambitious archaeologist who specializes in ancient civilizations. Juliette is driven by a passion for uncovering the hidden secrets of the past, a passion inherited from her late father, who was also an archaeologist. Her father’s mysterious death, which occurred under unexplained circumstances during an expedition in the Paris catacombs, has haunted her for years.

Act 1: The Discovery

Juliette is invited to Paris by her mentor, Professor Lucien Dupont (Pierre Niney), who believes he has uncovered evidence of an ancient and forgotten civilization buried deep within the catacombs. Excited by the possibility of a groundbreaking discovery, Juliette joins Lucien and his team in their exploration. 

As they delve deeper into the catacombs, they encounter a series of cryptic symbols and artifacts that suggest the presence of a lost civilization. Among these artifacts, Juliette discovers a journal belonging to her father, revealing that he was close to uncovering a significant secret before his untimely death. This discovery reignites her determination to uncover the truth about her father’s demise.

Act 2: Unraveling the Mystery

As Juliette and Lucien continue their exploration, they are joined by Isabella Ricci (Monica Bellucci), a renowned historian with a deep knowledge of Parisian history, and Armand Leroy (Vincent Cassel), a seasoned urban explorer who knows the catacombs like the back of his hand. The team faces numerous challenges, including navigating the treacherous maze of tunnels and deciphering ancient codes.

The deeper they go, the more they realize they are not alone. They encounter signs of recent activity, suggesting that someone else is searching for the same secret. Tensions rise as they begin to suspect that there is a hidden agenda among them. The group’s unity is tested, and Juliette becomes increasingly wary of Lucien’s true motives.

Meanwhile, Juliette starts experiencing vivid and disturbing dreams, where she sees visions of the past intertwined with her father’s final moments. These dreams lead her to believe that her father’s death was not an accident, but a murder orchestrated to keep the ancient secret hidden.

Act 3: The Revelation

As the team approaches the heart of the catacombs, they discover an underground chamber filled with relics and artifacts that point to a forgotten civilization with advanced knowledge and technology. In the center of the chamber lies a sarcophagus adorned with intricate carvings. Juliette realizes that this is the key to unlocking the mystery her father was trying to solve.

Before they can open the sarcophagus, they are ambushed by a group of mercenaries led by Jean-Claude Durand (Omar Sy), a ruthless treasure hunter who has been following their progress. A tense confrontation ensues, resulting in a battle for control over the ancient relics.

In a dramatic twist, Lucien reveals his true intentions. He confesses that he had been collaborating with Jean-Claude all along, driven by greed and the desire for fame. However, he had not anticipated Juliette’s determination and resourcefulness. In the ensuing chaos, Lucien is fatally wounded by Jean-Claude, who escapes with a valuable artifact.

Act 4: The Climax

Determined to honor her father’s legacy, Juliette, along with Isabella and Armand, manages to subdue the remaining mercenaries. They finally open the sarcophagus, revealing a set of ancient scrolls that hold the key to a powerful and long-lost knowledge. The scrolls contain detailed accounts of an ancient society that possessed advanced scientific and medical knowledge far beyond their time.

Juliette realizes that her father’s discovery had the potential to revolutionize modern science and medicine, but it was deemed too dangerous by those who sought to exploit it for personal gain. She decides to protect the scrolls and ensure that their knowledge is used responsibly for the benefit of humanity.

Act 5: The Resolution

The film concludes with Juliette returning to the surface, her journey through the catacombs having brought her closure regarding her father’s death. She donates the scrolls to a reputable museum, ensuring that their secrets will be studied and preserved for future generations.

In the final scene, Juliette stands on a bridge overlooking the Seine River, reflecting on her father’s legacy and her own journey. She knows that the truth is a powerful force that can shape the future, and she is determined to continue her work as an archaeologist, uncovering the hidden stories of the past.


"Under Paris" explores themes of legacy, the pursuit of knowledge, and the moral responsibility that comes with it. The film delves into the idea that the past holds valuable lessons for the present and future, and that understanding our history can help us make better choices.

Cinematography and Style:

The film’s visual style is dark and atmospheric, capturing the eerie and claustrophobic nature of the catacombs. Cinematographer Philippe Rousselot uses a mix of natural and artificial lighting to create a sense of mystery and tension. The underground scenes are contrasted with the vibrant and bustling streets of Paris, highlighting the stark difference between the surface world and the hidden depths below.


The film’s score, composed by Alexandre Desplat, combines haunting melodies with orchestral arrangements to enhance the suspense and drama. The music plays a crucial role in building tension and conveying the emotional journey of the characters.

Critical Reception:

"Under Paris" is praised for its compelling narrative, strong performances, and immersive atmosphere. Emma Watson’s portrayal of Juliette Moreau is particularly lauded for its depth and emotional resonance. The film’s exploration of historical and ethical themes resonates with audiences and critics alike, making it a thought-provoking and memorable cinematic experience.


"Under Paris" is a captivating thriller that takes viewers on a journey through the hidden depths of one of the world’s most iconic cities. With its rich storytelling, complex characters, and evocative visuals, the film stands as a testament to the enduring allure of mysteries and the human quest for knowledge. It leaves audiences contemplating the delicate balance between uncovering the past and shaping the future, reminding us that some secrets are worth protecting, even as we seek to understand them.